BLOG OF INTEREST #1: Car and Driver blog



The title of this blog is, quite creatively, called “Car and Driver Blog” and it’s the official car news blog of the popular motoring magazine Car and Driver. Most of its columnists contribute to this blog, and it’s not really controlled by one specific person. 

The main focus of this blog is news and reviews relating to the newest cars being produced. The last five entries are all about car news, and therefore are consistent with this focus. The writing style of these columnists is professional and informative, with occasional integration of humor to keep the reader interested in the article. The only pictures in the posts are pictures of new cars and car concepts (prototypes or illustrations of pending designs), and they are there to draw the readers’ attention to the cars they are reviewing or to provide a more solid, visual representation of the car they are describing in the article. 

Also, most of the cars are gorgeous, so of course they’d put a picture of them in the article.

I have read this blog before and will most definitely continue to because cars interest me, and that’s that. I would highly recommend this blog to anyone who is a fan of cars and wants the latest scoop on new models and developments within the industry.

And I leave you with a picture of the new Corvette. Enjoy. 


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