Bias Analysis: Al Jazeera article vs. Fox News article: Coverage of Attack on Pakistani Christians


Al Jazeera: “Pakistani Christians Rally Over Lahore Attacks” by Associated Press

This article was published on the website of the news channel Al Jazeera English on March 10, 2013, and was written by the Associated Press. This article is brief and does not include many details about the attacks, but it does include quotes from witnesses that kind of evoke some emotion and make the piece more personal. I think this could be because this news organization is based in the Middle East and therefore could have some bias towards those living there, leading them to present a more heart-tugging, emotional picture of the event than another paper would. Also, there is some information about the Middle Eastern culture in this article as well – blasphemy is explained to be a “serious crime” there when committed against the Prophet Muhammad. 

Also, this article makes it seem like the Christians are the victims of the attack, describing how they fled from the area because they “feared for their safety” after the ransacking of their homes. It also talks about the lack of protection that the Christians were receiving from their government in Lenore, making them seem even more victimized. The focus of this article is primarily put on the tragedy of the robberies and less so than on the riots afterwards – they even call it a “rally” instead of a riot. The picture attached to the article is one of the Muslims attacking the homes of Christians.

Overall, the tone of this article is almost strictly factual and to-the-point, but there are some evocative quotes thrown in from witnesses that add to it rather well. I am fairly certain that the next article will not be anything like this one…


The Next Article: Fox News: “Hundreds of Christians Clash with Pakistani Police after Homes Burned by Muslim Mobs”

This article was posted on Fox News’ website on March 10, 2013, and was written by the Associated Press.This almost leads me to believe that this could possibly be the same article in two different places, but the one on display on this site is significantly different. Not only is it much longer than the one on Al Jazeera, but the focus is put more on the damages that the Christian protesters did to others’ property than the damage that was done to their own. The rally is described as a “demonstration” and a “clash” against local police. It almost makes the Christians seem like they were the ones who did something wrong. No mention is made of the lack of protection that Christians got in Lenore, while the previous article did mention that. Also, the series of pictures attached to this article are all of the rallies that the Christians did, not of the ransacking of their homes.

The overall tone of this particular article is pretty factual as well, but the things that are not details – like quotes and numbers – make it seem like the Christians were the evil ones for protesting the attacks on their homes. It’s kind of disconcerting. Clearly Fox News just wanted to make an exciting story full of violence and destruction that people would want to read, while Al Jazeera seems to only be focused on presenting a more honest picture of the events.


Bias Analysis: World Magazine article vs. Variety article: Reviews for “Jack the Giant Slayer”

World Magazine: “Jack the Giant Slayer” by Alicia M. Cohn

This article was published on the website of the Christian magazine World on March 8, 2013, and was written by Alicia M. Cohn. This article is rather short and concise, but there are still some elements of Christian bias. Near the end, the author remarks that the movie “sadly” ends in a battle, giving the impression that she is against violence and “peril”, as she puts it. Also, she talks about the parallels between the fairytale “Jack and the Beanstalk” and the story of the Tower of Babel in the Bible.

Overall, the tone of this article is rather neutral. If it weren’t posted on this particular magazine’s website, you might not even be able to tell that it was written by a Christian journalist. The author gives the movie an overall good review, as well.


Variety: “Film Review: Jack the Giant Slayer” by Justin Chang

This article was published on the website of the secular magazine Variety on February 26, 2013, and was written by senior film critic Justin Chang. Since he is a “senior film critic”, he has probably seen most of the movies to come out in the recent past, so he can probably tell the difference between a good movie and a flop more easily than the independent writers for World magazine. He calls this movie “rushed and unattractively animated”, and for the reasons previously stated we can probably take his word for it. This article also has more of a summary of the movie than the previous one, but it’s also a bit more harsh. He also goes so far as to call the film “pretty dumb”, though he seems to like the jobs that the actors did.

The overall tone of this piece is pretty snide and almost a little unforgiving at times. Perhaps writing for this more secular magazine gave the author more courage to be a bit more blunt and honest, while the columnist writing for World would probably not be so harsh.