Analysis: “Liability, Guns, and the Law” by Adam Schiff


This piece is an opinion editorial from the LA Times website entitled “Liability, Guns, and the Law” and it is written by former federal prosecutor Adam Schiff. This article basically tells the story of police officer Matthew Pavelka’s murder by a gang member who acquired a gun from a street “dealer” of weapons, and he goes on to say how this kind of thing should never be allowed to happen. “No industry deserves the right to act with reckless disregard for the public safety”, he says in conclusion, and he’s absolutely right.

Most of this article was facts about the lawsuit Pavelka’s family carried out against the gun dealer that sold the gun to the murderer without checking his background first. However, he manages to sprinkle his opinion throughout the storytelling and more so towards the end, using phrases like “We need” etc. This is an attribute of an opinion editorial, as is the fact that the article doesn’t really start with a real lead, but it catches the reader’s attention nonetheless.

Some bias I see is the fact that the author is a Democrat and a former federal prosecutor, so that would influence him to maybe lean more towards gun control and away from freedom for the gun industry.

Paragraph Analysis:

The tenth paragraph consists of two sentences, one shorter and one long. It uses language that is usually integrated in op-eds, like “We need” etc. The author also mentions the fact that he passed legislation that helps gun victims, which also serves to show his bias and the steps he’s taking to assure people that his opinion is the right one.

SOURCE ARTICLE:,0,7455985.story


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