Analysis: “An Invitation to President Obama” by Unknown (Chicago Sun Times Editorial)

This article is an opinion editorial called “An Invitation to President Obama” that was published in the Chicago Sun Times today (February 6). However, like the previous editorial, the author is unknown. This editorial is basically a plea to President Obama to visit Chicago and do something about the senseless shootings that happen here. The author wants the kind of response that Newtown, Connecticut,  got after the Sandy Hook massacre.

Unlike the last two editorials, this one is almost entirely opinion. There is one statistic about the number of kids that were killed in Chicago, but other than that it’s basically the author writing a letter to the President. It’s very informal and subjective, and clearly there is bias because the author is from Chicago, the area that he or she is concerned about.

This piece is clearly an editorial because the sentences are short – as is the overall article – and there really isn’t that clear of a lead. It’s written in the form of a letter almost, addressed to the President.

Paragraph Analysis:

The fourth paragraph, while only two sentences long, is chock full of powerful word choices and ideas. In the previous paragraph, the author describes how Obama visiting Chicago could possibly embarrass Mayor Emmanuel. However, this paragraph explains how Chicago couldn’t possibly be more embarrassed. “To walk to school in certain neighborhoods”, the author writes here, “is to walk through a war zone.” This puts focus on the senseless voilence being directed towards children in particular in this city, and I think that, though it is only two sentences long, this paragraph could well be one of the most important in the piece.



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