Analysis: “Why Roe v. Wade Needn’t be a Holy Grail” by Angie Weszely


This article is titled “Why Roe v. Wade Needn’t be a Holy Grail” and it was written by Angie Weszely. This is an opinion editorial piece. The main point of this article is the fact that most women don’t get abortions because it is legal, but because they feel ashamed and horrified at themselves for becoming “one of those girls”. It calls Christians to be supportive and accepting of teens and young women who find themselves pregnant after making a mistake – in fact, is says that Christians are the “most equipped” to be supportive in these situations because of the lives of grace that we lead. It also begs the question, if Christians believe that God creates all life, then should we want to overturn Roe v. Wade

When it comes to the type of writing in this article, the large majority of it is opinion. It talks about Christians’ calling from God to be loving and supportive to those who need love and support, which can be interpreted as both fact and opinion, really. It also uses phrases like “We need…” and “We can…”, which are opinion-introducing phrases. There are several facts in there, as well – evidence from abortion research, information about Roe v. Wade, etc. I would say that the overall tone of this piece is formal because of the lack of vernacular language.

Some attributes of this type of writing include a short lead in the first paragraph that summarizes part of the focus of the article, a large amount of opinion, and a Christian bias (the website this article is from is called ThinkChristian). This could definitely skew the way the author presents some facts, and could lead us to believe that the author has even left out a few facts.

Paragraph Analysis:

The very first paragraph contains the short lead, which answers the questions when and what. The entire paragraph is only two sentences long, and the sentences themselves are actually very short and simple. There aren’t really any very fancy words used – in fact, the article could’ve been written by a high school student (this is not intended to be an insult, mind you).



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